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January 8th...At our monthly meeting, elections  for officers and Board members were held and we were visited by Mr. Gene Wells, Ballast Point Homeowners Alliance www.ballastpointhomeownersalliance.org  and after the evenings business was concluded, we were visited by Julie Brown, candidate for City Council, District 4.

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February 12th...Our regular business was conducted and Mr. Shawn Harrison was our featured speaker as Chairman of the MPO.

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A candidate forum was also held with six(6) candidates present. Dist.1, Julie Jenkins, Mrs. Rick Barcena (representing her husband). Dist. 2, Shawn Harrison. Dist 3, Linda Saul-Sena and Dist. 4, John Dingfelder and Julie Brown.

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February 15th... Al Steenson met with Senator Charlie Justice, District 16,  to discuss the issues in South Tampa, particularly South of Gandy.

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Feb 16th... After 2+ years of meetings & discussions, City Stormwater Dept. has cleaned out the "Jungle" behind our Civic Center. Pictured below are the before, during and after pictures.

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April 3rd...With  generous contributions from three local companies, The  Association was able to complete the much needed fence on the west side of our property. This greatly reduces our liability and increases our safety and security.

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July 10th...A meeting was held at our Civic Center with the Wal-Mart folks to review plan for a proposed Super Center at Gandy & Lois Ave. Their team consisted of Ms. Quenta Vettel (Public Relations), Jim Porter (Attorney), Chris Hatton & Scott Gilmer (Engineers).

We were joined by close to 70 citizens, along with our County Commissioner Rose Ferlita  in dialogue regarding the issues surrounding this location.

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July 11th... The ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted to highlight the completion of the Manhattan Ave. Project. The contractor (R.E. Purcell) did in fact finish the job 3 weeks early. Together with Irv Lee( Public Works Dir.), Jerry Frankhauser(President of Bayside West N.A.), Mayor Pam Iorio flipped the switch to officially complete the project.

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July 16th... Senator Charlie Justice (District 16) was taken on a tour of our entire South of Gandy Area.

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July 28th...Our Flagpole & Flag were dedicated. The Honor Guard from American Legion Post 138, under the command of Larry Patterson Post Commander, performed the ceremony. Our honored guests were Representative Faye Culp, Commissioner Rose Ferlita and Neighborhood Relations Director Shannon Edge. 

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Pictures courtesy of Rep. Faye Culp, Jerry Werner and Walt Ryan

November 12th...Ms. Susan Chrzan, Communications Manager of The Tampa-Hillsborough County Expressway Authority presented the newly documented Contra-Flow plan for The Selmon Expressway and Gandy Blvd.

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