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January 9, 2006...The Association held their monthly meeting, along with a wiener&marshmallow roast, outside around the fire. A bit chilly but well attended.

Read About it in the Tampa Tribune

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January 9-11, 2006...With a generous donation from the folks at New Port Tampa Bay  and Ecogroup, the new fence at the front of the property was installed.

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January 24, 2006...The 0fficial groundbreaking ceremony was held at the corner of Manhattan and Oakellar for the long awaited road improvements from Gandy to Euclid Ave. The project is expected to take 18 months at a cost of $9.3 M. Most of the funds come from impact fees paid by the S. Tampa development. Pictured below are; Jerry Frankhouser, President of the newly formed Bayside West Neighborhood Association, Councilman John Dingfelder, Mayor Pam and other contractor and city officials.

Read about it in the St. Petersburg Times

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February 13, 2006...At our monthly meeting we had a "Chile Cook-out" which was enjoyed by all. In addition, Officer Chuck Hicks, Dist. 1 TPD, spoke regarding many issues within our community and how to interrelate with our Police Dept.

Dennis Johnson of South Bay Development presented plans for re-zoning property on Interbay between 5th and 6th Streets.

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March 17, 2006...Mr. & Mrs. Hogue, long-time Paxton Street residents, hosted the sign unveiling for the Paxton Avenue Stormwater Improvement Project. This $1.4 million construction project scheduled for completion in December 2006 will provide approximately 1,900 linear feet of stormwater pipe and inlets and will relieve street, yard and house flooding for residents in the neighborhood. Pictured below are: Charles&Cynthia Hogue, Al Steenson, Councilman John Dingfelder, Mayor Pam Iorio, John Starnes and Steve Seachrist from the Stormwater Dept.


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April 15, 2006... Our 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Cake Social was held at our Civic Center. The response was wonderful. The final count of attendance is not in yet but the turn-out was beyond our expectations. The children were treated to hot  dogs, pizza, water, soft drinks and a myriad of prizes. We had the distinct pleasure of having our Dist. 57, State Representative Faye Culp join us and she added greatly to all the enjoyment. You can go to the Legislative update page on our site and you'll find her contact information.

Below are assorted pictures of  the days event. The bottom row are members that that made the day extra special for the neighborhood children.

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May 23, 2006... Groundbreaking ceremonies were held at the New Port Tampa Bay development. Below are some photos of company, city officials and guests as well as some renderings of the proposed project.

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June 10, 2006...The N.E.S.T group of S. Tampa leaders met with Councilman John Dingfelder. The main speakers were Mr. Brad Baird and Sandra Anderson of the City Water Dept. Issues address were water use, restriction, reclaimed and future capacity

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Our Association was pleased to be the host location for three JLUS (Joint Land Use Study) Public Workshops on June 27th, July 6th and 10th. This study was commissioned and funded by the Dept. of Defense to examine current development and densities and make recommendations for future development within the APZ (Accident Potential Zone) surrounding MacDill AFB. These recommendations will be presented to City Council and the Administration for consideration and possible adoption. The workshops were conducted by Tony Garcia (Planning Commission), John LaRocca (Consultant), Catherine Coyle ( City of Tampa Zoning Administrator) and Tony Rodriguez (MacDill AFB).

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August 7, 2006... The Association held it's monthly meeting to review the Plan Amendment requests for Rattlesnake Point. We had the pleasure of having Rep. Faye Culp join us to review voting procedures along with John(Jay) Rudy, candidate for Circuit Court- Group 44. 


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November 13, 2006... Mr. Ben Diamond, agent for AMSOUTH Bank presented their site plan for a new bank on Gandy Blvd.

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