2005 Archives

December 29, 2005...With the help of members Bob Hart, Walt Ryan, Steve Fedak,  John Starnes,Al Steenson and some community service workers, the old fencing was removed in preparation for the new installation after the first of the year.

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October 26, 2005...Councilman John Dingfelder conducted a public forum at the Jan Platt Library to get input regarding an additional lane to Westshore from Gandy to El Prado. Over 200 hundred folks attended and 205 responses were received; No=113, yes=70 and 22=undecided. 

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Throughout the summer, a City contractor installed a new sanitary lift station behind our hall. The job is now complete with newly installed fence, new sod and area of seed&mulch.

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June 13, 2005...Gloria Moreda, Tampa Zoning Supervisor, was our featured speaker. She addressed many of the zoning issues that have affected our community.

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May 9,2005...Police Steve Hogue gave an informative and animated presentation. The Chief, along with two of his officers, addressed and followed up on many neighborhood concerns.

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April 11, 2005...Mr. Ed Oelschaeger,President of Ecogroup, presented their plans to develop New Port Tampa Bay. This development takes in the old Imperial Yacht Basin, the Hendry and Moody property.

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March 26, 2005...The Association hosted it's first Annual Easter Egg Hunt and Cake Social. It was enjoyed by over 240 children and parents.

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